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Developing functional websites for multiple purposes.

web-design for everyone

Landing pages

Creating landing pages with high conversion rate.

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Online store

Setting up e-shops expeditiously.

Developing websites at infodes:

Well-established technologies and WordPress functionality allow us to lessen the price of our product with no quality loss. We offer best value for your money

We are qualified professionals in software design and programming.

We have been into website development for more than 10 years. No advanced payment is required before the start of projects. You can watch us developing your website online.

We aim to make the internet stylish, simple and user-friendly. Our goal is to rid the net of clumsy and poorly constructed websites.

Our advantages

Quality and reliability

Our partnership with top world’s market company CMS contributes to the high quality of our products, while daily backup provides fail-safety.


Thousands of CMS WordPress plugins and add-ons allow us to bring in all the necessary functions and to upgrade the website after the launch.

Modern design

Design is what makes the first impression of your website. Our experts received industry-specific training, and they are always considerate to your requests and needs.

Sites for everyone. Since 2007.

Special focus

One of the main goals in website developing is creating proper, user-friendly interface. Our UX/UI designers meet this challenge splendidly. They fully consider specific features of the layout by determining a place for each content element as well as taking into account goals, purposes and special characteristics of your project.

After the launch of your project you will be able to add any information of your choice to your new website. Our product is designed in such a way so that you do not need to acquire any specific expertise in web-developing and programming to add photos, videos and texts to the website.

Supplementary services

We also offer the whole range of services for renovation and upgrade of your website upon request. Apart from that, we are always ready to consult your personnel about the website maintenance.

More than that, we provide services for launching and conducting advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords as well as SEO and SMM promotion.

We provide monthly statistics on website visitors, their location and the time of access in a monthly report that will be sent directly to your email address.

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